Manchester Community Church
Sunday, October 25, 2020
Where people count and Christ is honored.

Future's Group

This group was formed at the January 27, 2008 MCC Annual Meeting, as a result of concerns of how to reach out to the community to get new members into our Church.
Eventually this group came to be called “The Future’s Group” This group consists of individuals committed to the preservation, growth and well being of the Church Membership.
Membership is open to everyone. Members need only to have a strong desire to see our Church grow and help it maintain its rightful place in the community.
This group’s goals are to help our Church be a Spiritual Leader and a Welcoming Place of Worship with a diverse congregation made up of families, singles and elderly. 
In the broadest terms this committee is a Membership Committee.
Deanna Mosher Hallett, Chair
Lynn Sweeney, Treasurer
Joan Morgan, Secretary
Rose Benner, Diane Brann, Sue Chilton, Mary Cloutier, Jean Davenport, Arlene Gagnon, John Gragg, Margaret Harrington, Jackie Herber, Debbie Maddox, Pat Van Orman, Debbie Violette
Other Church members that work on most of the events are: Angie and Sal, Wanita Baker, Cindy Keller, Ernie & Vickie Niles, Leon & Terry Strout, Don Sweeney