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Monday, March 19, 2018
Where people count and Christ is honored.

December 24, 2016 Christmas Eve Service

Manchester Community Church

December 24, 2016, 6:00 p.m.



Christmas Eve Candlelight Service


Prelude                                                                       Annabell Curtis

Solo                 “Go, Tell It on the Mountain”            David Peabody

Welcome and Invocation             The Rev. Donald Stanley Davenport


*Processional Carol     Pg. 145         “O Come, All Ye Faithful”


Lighting of the Advent Wreath and Christ Candle

                                                                                    Gagnon Family

Duet          “The Greatest Story Ever Told”               Joan and Jean


            The Christmas Story in Scripture and Song


Matthew 1:18-25                                           Deacon Debbie Maddox

Anthem          “Christ the Lord”                    MCC Choir

*Carol                                    Pg. 141            “O Little Town of Bethlehem”

Solo                 “Welcome To Our World”      Alec Rogers


Luke 2:1-14                                        Senior Deacon Arlene Gagnon

Christmas Offering                                                  

Offertory               “No Room”                      Ladies Trio


Matthew 2:1-12                                             Deacon Dick Cutliffe

*Carol                                    Pg. 133            “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing”

Christmas Pastoral Prayer                           Pastor Donna McGibney

                                                                        Of the Wayside Chapel

Solo                 “Mary, Did You Know”         Dick Cutliffe                     


Luke 2:15-20                                                  Deacon Jean Davenport

Sermon              Who is This Jesus               Pastor Don

Anthem               “Bethlehem’s Gift”            MCC Choir

Passing of the Peace and Christmas Spirit


Solo                    “Jesus, King of Angels”       Alec Rogers


Passing the Christmas Lights


*Recessional Carol    Pg. 147            “Silent Night! Holy Night!”

*Benediction, Extinguishing of Lights, Depart in Silence


*Congregation standing


The Manchester Community Church and Pastor Don and Jean wish you and your family a Holy and peaceful Christmas.  May Christ’s light lead your way in the New Year!


Manchester Community Church Choir

Annette Peabody, Director

Annabell Curtis, Organist

            Roger Bachelder                                  Warren Benner

Don & Jean Davenport                        Dick Godbout

John Gragg                                          Cindy Keller

            Joan Morgan                                        David Peabody

            Don Sweeney                                      Teddy Ware



   Ushers:  Bud Ware, Karen Guillemette, Michael & Genevieve Cirello             



We would like to thank all those who prepared the Sanctuary for this evening’s service as well as all the musicians who shared their talents.

                      POINSETTIAS ON THE ALTAR

In Memory & Honor of:                           Given By:

Gert & Lee Adams and

Brother Lee                                         Harry & Dee Dee & Black

Joe & Claudia Arnold and

Paul Gagnon                                       Arlene Gagnon & family

Barbara Bond                                      Robert Bond

David Bourne                                     His family

Stanley & Ruth Davenport                 Pastor Don & Jean

Gertrude Dodge and Jerry Peabody   Annette, David & Doug Peabody

Mary & Kathy Godbout and

Brother Bob                                        Dick Godbout

Bud Hallett, Floyd & Margaret Mosher,

Clarence & Clara Turner,

Perley & Edith Hallett                                    Deanna Mosher Hallett & family

Don Herber & Robert Blake               Jackie Herber

Clyde Morgan and Roy Perkins         Joan Morgan

Our loved ones                                    Bud & Teddy Ware

Our Parents                                         Don & Lynn Sweeney

Our Son, Edward                                Norman & Addie Weymouth

Everett & Carla Strout &

Albert & Leonida Nadeau                  Leon & Terry Strout