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Sunday, October 21, 2018
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April 16, 2017 Easter Sunday

                            Manchester Community Church


                                        April 16, 2017 10:00 a.m.

                                               Easter Sunday


Prelude                                                                   Annabell Curtis                                                  

Time of contemplation: Please remain in silent prayer, Thank you

Solo Continued from Tenebrae  Were You There”  Jean Davenport


Words of Praise:    “Glory, Glory, Glory He Has Risen”     Pastor Don

Response:                 “He Is Risen Indeed”               Congregation

Duet    “Then Came the Morning”      Joan Morgan & Jean Davenport


Welcome                                           Pastor Donald Stanley Davenport                    

*Processional Hymn   Page 217       “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” 


Announcements                                                 Deacon Joan Morgan

Introit                                                                    MCC Senior Choir


Responsive Reading   #667    The Christian’s Resurrection                                                                                                                                                                Deacon Morgan

*Gloria Patri   Page 623        


Installation of New Members         

Ed Maddox, Jr; Margaret Harrington, Debbie Rollins


Bedecking of the Cross by the Children

                        Music sung and played                            Dick Cutliffe


Anthem          “Open the Gates of the Temple”             Senior Choir


Pastoral Prayer, Lord’s Prayer                               Pastor Don

Choral Amen                                    



Offertory                          “Christ Arose”               Senior Choir

*Doxology & Prayer Page 625


Hymn of Faith   (Seated)  Page 226  “The Day of Resurrection”

Gospel Lesson          Page 78     Luke 24:1-12        Pastor Don

Sermon     “Looking in all the Wrong Places”      Pastor Don



*Hymn of Consecration Page 304  “Lift High the Cross” (vs. 1,3,5)


Please receive your Palm Cross from the Ushers as you leave!


                 The Cross of Flowers leads us into the World

Church Moderator Don Sweeney will lead us out of the Service


*Please stand if possible


Deacon of the Month:                                        Deacon Joan Morgan

Ushers:                         Deanna Mosher Hallett & Margaret Harrington

No Coffee Hour

Coming Events   

April       17 at 6:00 p.m. & 18 at 10:00 a.m.  Conversation Classes

                        18                    6:00 p.m.         Future’s Group

                        19                    6:15 p.m.         Choir  

                        22            4:30 – 6:00 p.m.      Baked Bean Supper


The Church would like to thank Kerry Cookson for making the Outside Cross and Dick Cutliffe for making the Flower Cross!


Please continue to pray for all those that are in need of prayer!

                    2017 Easter Flowers on the altar


In Memory of:                                    Given by:

Lee & Gert Adams; Lee Adams, Jr    Harry & Dee Dee Black         

Joe & Claudia Arnold; Paul Gagnon;  Arlene Gagnon &

  Pamela Navarro; Delma Gagnon;    family

  Cora Pineau                                     

Barbara Bond                                      Robert Bond

David Bourne                                      Sue Bourne & family

Stanley & Ruth Davenport                  Pastor Don, Jean & family

Larry French; Edgar & Tressie           Deb Maddox


Mary & Kathy Godbout;                      Dick Godbout

   Brother Bob                                     

Bud Hallett; Floyd & Margaret            Deanna Mosher Hallett

   Mosher; Perley & Edith Hallett;       & family

   Clarence & Clara Turner                

Leroy Harrington                                 Margaret Harrington

Donald Herber; Robert Blake             Jackie Herber

Jan Johnson                                       Rev. Johnson

Clifford MacMaster; Greg Page;        Jeff & Sandy Jackson

    Bob MacMaster; Al Jackson         

Gus Misner; his sister, Susan &          His wife, Donna

    her husband, Donald

Elmer & Vester Mitchell;                     Diane & Pat Welch

Ryan Welch

Clyde Morgan; Roy Perkins               Joan Morgan & family

Gerry Peabody                                   Annette, David & Doug

Everett & Carla Strout; Albert &         Leon & Terry Strout

    Leonita Nadeau                              

Our Loved Ones                                 Kerry & Linda Cookson

Our Loved Ones                                 Bud & Teddy Ware

Our Parents                                        Don & Lynn Sweeney

Our son, Eddie                                    Norman & Adelaide Weymouth


    Rev. Donald Stanley Davenport, Pastor

    Church office 207-622-0738       

           Pastor’s hours are Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

          Pastor Don is available for pastoral emergencies at 207-215-6838.

               Church web site:

                  Deanna Mosher Hallett, Secretary/Clerk 207-441-6011

                            Linda Sweeney, Treasurer 207-622-4536

Mary Cloutier, Webmaster