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Sunday, October 21, 2018
Where people count and Christ is honored.
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August 20, 2017 Summer Worship

                                                              Manchester Community Church

              Summer Worship 2017 – 10:00 a.m.

                ALL ARE WELCOME HERE!


The Bible Pledge


 I pledge allegiance to the Bible, God’s Holy Word.  I will make it a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, and will hide its words in my heart that I might not break God’s heart.


Prelude                                                                      Annabell Curtis

Welcome & Announcements                                  Deacon of the Day


Call to Worship                                                       Minister of Worship

*Hymn                                                (Listed on Hymn Board)


Responsive Reading    (Listed on bottom of Hymn Board)

                                                                                   Deacon of the Day

*Gloria Patri   Page 623


Small Talk                             

Special Music                                   


Prayers and The Lord’s Prayer                             Minister of Worship




*Doxology & Prayer Page 625


 Hymn             (Seated)          (Listed on Hymn Board)


Scripture Reading                                                  Minister of Worship

Sermon                                                                    Minister of Worship


*Hymn                                                (Listed on Hymn Board)




* Benediction                                                            Minister of Worship

*Postlude                                                                       Annabell Curtis


*Please stand if possible  

Sunday August 20, 2017


Minister of Worship                                        SS Supt. Cheryl Cutliffe

Deacon of the Day:                                              Deacon Dick Cutliffe

Small Talk                                                                       Harold & Stella

Special Music & Offertory                                                Dick Cutliffe

Ushers                                                                 Don & Lynn Sweeney


Summer Coffee Hour (no snacks):                          Annette Peabody


Coming Events

August           30                    6:15 p.m.         Choir

September     10        10:15/11:30 a.m.      Sunday School/Adult SS

                        14                    6:00 p.m.         Ladies Group

30        4:30 – 6:00 p.m.          Baked Bean Supper

Today the Minister of Worship is SS Supt. Cheryl Cutliffe while Pastor Don is on vacation.  Cheryl delivers the Small Talk each Sunday during the church service.  Cheryl and her husband Dick are active members of MCC.  We welcome her.

Sunday School for all ages will resume on September 10th.

On September 14th all ladies of the church are invited to come to our meeting at church at 6 p.m. (Note time change) We will be served a spaghetti supper by hostesses Lynn Sweeney, Jean Davenport and Joan Morgan.  Our special guest will be Pastor Jen Curran who will tell us about the “Wonderful World of Butterflies and Cocoons”.  

The Future’s Group has over 150 books of Raffle Tickets available for seven different raffle baskets: Children, Christmas, Italian, Kitchen, Thanksgiving; Scenes, Theater and several merchant gift cards that will be drawn on the last day at “A Touch of Christmas Fair” on November 17th & 18th. Tickets are $1.00 each or six for $5.00. If each member of the church would take four or five books of tickets to sell ahead of time the church could bring in over $750.  Also, if two or more people would like to work together to put a theme basket together let Deanna or another Future’s Group member know. Thanks

A “Blessings Basket” for food items is continuing in the bus stop bldg across the street and anyone can put in or take out something as needed.  Non-perishable food items can be left in the basket as often as possible!


                                                “Prayer Vine”



Heidi Smith Arsenault, Roger Bachelder & family, Carol Ballard, Jeff Ballard, Kate Ballard-Murphy, Barbara Barber, Betsy Balch Barker, Eleanor Benner, Rose Benner, Len Bettis, Dee Dee Black, Family of Donna Blake, Bob Bond, Asher Bragdon, Sam Cabot, Andre Chabot, Prescott Chapman (Theresa Farrington’s dad), Gwen Christianson, Al Culmone, Marty Curtis, Logan Cutliffe, (Cutliffe’s grandson), families in need of prayer, Ryan Gauthier, Raymond Gay, Katherine Gerrity, John Gragg, Kevin Haley, T. Hallett, Gina Harford, Bill Hawksley & family, Evelyn Jackson, Rebecca Jayne, Diana Johnson, Rev. Ernie Johnson, Bruce Keene, Gladys Keene, Adelaide Lake, Bob Landry, Freemont Merriam (Cindy Burnham’s dad), Lynn Messenger, Ron Moody, Kaye Mooers, Bill Moore, Bob Pushard, Ciro Russo, Chuck Silsby Jr., Andy & Peggy Struck, The family of Gloria Sylvester, Rosemary & Christine Towne, Robert Trask, family of 12 yr old Matty Twombly (Kaye Mooers’ great, great nephew), Teddy Ware, Jesse Whitman, Norman Whitman (Teddy Ware’s brother),  Members of our Armed Forces and their families.

If there are any names that need to be added or taken off the Prayer Vine please leave a note in the “Secretary/Clerk” Mail Box in Johnson Hall. Thanks

Manchester Community Church

Rev. Donald Stanley Davenport, Pastor

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           Pastor’s hours are Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

          Pastor Don is available for pastoral emergencies at 207-215-6838.

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Linda Sweeney, Treasurer 207-622-4536

           Mary Cloutier, Webmaster

                       Arlene Gagnon, Senior Deacon

                                                    Annabell Curtis, Organist