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Saturday, April 10, 2021
Where people count and Christ is honored.
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Sept 20, 2020

     Manchester Community                                                        


                                   September 20, 2020        10:00 a.m.

                                   Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost            


                           The Rev. Donald Stanley Davenport, Pastor


Prelude                                                                                                Annabell Curtis


Welcome & Announcements                                                        Deacon Dick Cutliffe


Call to Worship                                                                                   Pastor Don    


*Opening Hymn               “Faith of Our Fathers”


Old Testament Reading            Psalm 16                                     Deacon Cutliffe


Special Music                                                                                Jean & Joan


Pastoral Prayer, Lord’s Prayer                                                    Pastor Don     


Scripture Reading                Acts 8:26-39                                     Pastor Don     


Hymn                           “I Love to Tell the Story”


Sermon                               “Tell the Story”                                 Pastor Don


*Hymn                                  “Freely, Freely”


*Benediction                                                              Pastor Don



*Please stand if possible





Deacon of the Month:                                                          Deacon Dick Cutliffe

Ushers:                                                                 Deanna Mosher Hallett & Jackie Herber


No Coffee Hour  

Faith of Our Fathers

Faith of our fa-thers! liv-ing still In spite of dun-geon fire and sword; O how our hearts beat high with joy When-e’er we hear that glo-rious word!  Faith of our fa-thers ho-ly faith!  We will be true to thee still death!

Faith of our fa-thers! we will love Both friend and foe in all our strife;  And preach thee too as love knows how, By kind-ly words and vir-tuous life;  Faith of our fa-thers ho-ly faith!  We will be true to thee till death!


I Love to Tell the Story

I love to tell the sto-ry of un-seen things a-bove,  Of Je-sus and His glo-ry, of Je-sus and His love;  I love to tell the sto-ry be-cause I know ‘tis true, It sat-is-fies my long-ings as noth-ing else can do.


I love to tell the sto-ry, for those who know it best  Seem hun-ger-ing and thirst-ing to hear it like the rest;   And when in scenes of glo-ry

 I sing the new, new song, “Twill be the old, old sto-ry that I have loved so long.


(Refrain:)   I love to tell the sto-ry: “Twill be my theme in glo-ry…To tell the old, old sto-ry of Je-sus and His love.


Freely, Freely

God for-gave my sin in Je-sus’ name, I’ve been born a-gain in Je-sus name; And in Je-sus’ name I come to you To share His love as He told me to:

All pow’r is giv’n in Je-sus’ name, In earth and heav’n in Je-sus’ name, And in Je-sus’name I come to you To share His pow’r as He told

me to:


(Refrain)   He said, “Free-ly, free-ly you have re-ceived-Free-ly, free-ly give;  Go in My name and, be-cause you be-lieve, Oth-ers will know

that I live”



                 Pastor Don will be in his study following the service.


The Lawn Sale & Outside Lunch will be September 25 & 26 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m..  (Rain date is October 2 & 3 same times)   Help needed Thurs. night to bring out some of the items for the sale on Friday and Saturday.


Building Fund Capital Campaign has been extended.  All donations will be  matched by a generous donor starting September 1st.


To access Sunday Services Recordings - go to the Church’s website on the bottom of the home page click on Manchester Community Church services link in blue.



Our “Prayer Vine” is very important and much needed. To keep it updated, please let Deanna know of names that need to go on and “when God has answered your prayer” names that can come off.


                        “Prayer Vine”

Jeff Ballard, Kate Ballard-Murphy, Barbara Barber, Betsy Balch Barker, Catherine Bourne (Sue’s daughter), Asher Bragdon, Randy Burnham, Denise Cerrell, Prescott & Richardyne Chapman (Teresa’s parents), Al Culmond, Addie Cumler, Joe Curtis, Logan Cutliffe, (Cutliffe’s grandson), Elly Decker, Pat Drost, Ryan Gauthier, T. Hallett, Bill Hawksley & family, Darrell Hood (Jackie Herber’s son-in-law), Rebecca Jayne, Diana Johnson, Rev. Ernie Johnson,  Katie/ Alison/ Eliva (Bob Landry’s granddaughters), Gladys Keene, Kendra Kyes, Adelaide Lake, Bob Landry, Scott Lyon & family, Eva McKinnon, Lynn Messenger, Susan Miller, Kaye Mooers, Bill Moore, Richard Newbegin, Kerry Pepper (Nancy’s daughter), Family of Louise Perkins,  Dave Poulin, Dallas Price, Bob Pushard, Julie Rogers, Family of Isabelle Rollins, Ciro Russo, Ralph Sargent (Sandy Jackson’s uncle),  Bev Savage, Julia Scheirer (Pastor Don & Jean’s granddaughter), Leon Strout, Peggy Struck,  Tom Taylor (Bud & Teddy Ware’s nephew), Ed Tilson, Rosemary & Christine Towne, Harrison Tribou (Bud & Teddy Ware’s Great Grandson), Lou Turmelle, Savannah Tuttle (Bill & Darlene’s granddaughter), Spencer Walling, Members of our Armed Forces and families.



              Manchester Community Church      

     21 Readfield Road, Manchester, ME. 04351

     Rev. Donald Stanley Davenport, Pastor

Church office 207-622-0738     

           Pastor’s hours are Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

          Pastor Don is available for pastoral emergencies at 207-215-6838.

Church web site:

Deanna Mosher Hallett, Secretary/Clerk 207-441-6011

Linda Sweeney, Treasurer 207-622-4536

Mary Cloutier, Webmaster

                                     Rose Benner, Senior Deacon

     Annabell Curtis, Organist









                                                                                                         Manchester Community Church      

               Established 1833


                    Reverend Donald Stanley Davenport




                 “Where people count and Christ is honored”