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Saturday, March 17, 2018
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July 10, 2011 Bulletin

The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost
MUSICAL PRELUDE                                                   Annabell Curtis
WELCOME & ANNOUNCEMENTS            Dea. Adelaide Weymouth
CALL TO WORSHIP                                                         Pastor Don      
Pastor:  O God thank you for this day and this opportunity to worship
 you.People:  Make us into Your people and teach us to love one
Pastor:  Help us to know Your will for us and the meaning of true
             grace in our lives.
All:  Lord, now let Your glory and presence fill this place as we
        renew our commitment to You and Your church.     Amen!
*HYMN OF ANTICIPATION        Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us  
*FIRST READING                   Christ’s Incarnation                    #635
       Dea. Adelaide Weymouth
WORSHIP IN MUSIC    Ann, Andrea, Nancy, & Jan      “Inspirations”             
CALL TO PRAYER                                        
Minister:  Let us pray.  O Lord be with us.
People:   And with our spirits.
Minister:  O Lord, show Thy mercy upon us.
People:   And grant us Thy salvation.
Minister:  O God, make clean our hearts within us.
People:   And take not Thy Holy Spirit from us.
Minister:  O Lamb of God, Who taketh away the sins of the world,
People:   Grant us Thy peace.
PRAYER RESPONSE (Sung in Unison)
    Hear our prayer, Oh Lord,
    Hear our prayer, Oh Lord,
    Incline Thine ear to us,
    And grant us Thy peace.
MOMENT OF MIRTH                                                           Pastor Don       OFFERING                                                                     
*DOXOLOGY AND  PRAYER OF DEDICATION                Pastor Don      
*HYMN OF DEVOTION    Open My Eyes, That I May See           #381
GOSPEL READING                 Matthew 13:1-17                Pastor Don       SERMON                    “Ears To Hear?”                                Pastor Don 
*HYMN OF HOPE              Wonderful Words of Life                     #270
*BENEDICTION                                                                    Pastor Don
*SUNG RESPONSE               God Be With You                           #602
*POSTLUDE                                                                 Annabell Curtis
*We stand to praise God.
Ushers:            Jackie Herber & Dick Godbout
Social Hour Hosts:    Gloria Sylvester & Karen Michaud
Coming Events
Thursday         July 14th           11:30 a.m.       Ladies Group
Our musical guests today are Ann, Andrea, Nancy and Jan, “Inspirations”, an a cappella quartet and members of Maine-ly Harmony chorus, a women’s barbershop chorus whose parent organization is Harmony Inc.  Their goal is to inspire people with the “gift of music”.  We are very pleased to have them share their musical gifts with us.
The Ladies Group will meet at the church at 11:30 a.m. and carpool to Teddy Ware’s home for a picnic.  Bring a bag lunch and a chair (if you have one).  Dessert and beverages will be provided.
            The Upper Rooms for July & August are on the shelf at the back of the church.      
            Vacation Bible School will be held August 18th – 22nd. 
            Child care is available upstairs during the service.