Manchester Community Church
Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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SECTION 1     The officers of the church shall all be church members and shall be the   Moderator, Senior Deacon, Clerk, Chairman of the Trustees, Treasurer.


            A.  The Moderator shall be elected annually and shall:
                    1.     Preside over all business meetings of the Church.
                    2.     Act as Chair of the Executive Committee.
                    3.     Act as Chair of the Nominating Committee
                    4.     Post notices of all meetings as stated in these by-laws.
C.    In the absence of the Moderator, the Executive Committee shall elect a Moderator pro-tem.

A.     The Diaconate shall consist of six to nine members, elected for a three year term, two to three members shall be elected annually.   Members may be elected for two (2) consecutive terms.
B.  The duties of the Diaconate shall be to:
                 1.  Assist the Pastor in promoting the spiritual welfare of the Church.
                 2.  Share with the Pastor the responsibility and privilege of visiting the sick and 
                      the shut-ins.  
                 3.  Approve all candidates for membership to the Church after the Deacons and
                      the Pastor have met with said candidates.
                 4.  Review with the Clerk the church register yearly as provided in Article III, 
                      Section 4, B and C.      
                 5. Compile a list of Communion Servers for the current year.  Only current and
                     former members of the Diaconate that have been formally installed shall assist
                     in serving Communion.
                 6.  Assist in arranging for a pulpit supply in the absence of the Pastor.

A.  The Clerk shall be elected annually and the duties of the Clerk shall be to:

      1.  Keep a record of all business meeting minutes of the Church.
      2.  Keep an accurate register of all members.
      3.  Furnish letters of transfer when requested.
      4.  Notify members of their election or appointment to any office, committee or
     other position of responsibility.
      5.  Serve as Clerk of the Executive Committee.
      6.  Compile the Committees' Annual Report for distribution at the Annual

A.    The number of trustees shall be four, elected for a four year term, one trustee to be elected each year. Members may be elected for 2 consecutive terms only.  A minimum of three trustees is required to be present at a meeting, to form a quorum, for conducting the business at hand.

B.  The duties of the Trustees shall be to care for the Church property  and to:

1.  Provide for insurance on the Church property, real and personal.
2.  Contract for and supervise all ordinary repairs and oversee any major
3.  Keep the Church building and property in suitable condition.
4.  Any project over $2000.00 will have three (3) bids and be voted on by the
     Church membership.
5.  Employ and direct a custodian and such other persons as may be necessary to
     care for the property.
6.  Be responsible for granting permission for the use of the Church building.
          The secretary shall receive and record on a calendar all facility use requests
           in accordance with the facility use policy as approved by the Trustees.  All
          questions should be forwarded to the Chairman of the Trustees for resolution.
7.  Develop and administer a facility use policy .Policy shall be presented to the
     executive committee for approval as shall any future changes.             
8.  The Trustee Chairman shall be responsible for the collection and distribution
     of church keys.

C.  All commitments exceeding $1000 must be authorized by the Executive Committee.
A.  The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer shall be elected annually.
B.  The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:

1.  Receive all monies of the Church.
2.  Pay the current stated expenses of the Church incurred by contract or provided
     for by appropriation in the annual budget.
3.  Pay other bills or claims approved by the Executive Committee or the Chair of
     the Trustees, the Deacons and Committees within their budgets.
4.  Keep a systematic account of the funds in his/her charge.
5.  Make a written report of the receipts and expenses to the Executive
    Committee at its regular meetings.
6. Present a written report at the Annual Meeting for the fiscal year.

C.  The duties of the Assistant Treasurer shall be to assist the Treasurer.
D.  Safety Deposit Box - Valuable papers and securities shall be kept in a safety deposit box. The Chair of the Trustees and the Treasurer shall have access to the box.
E.  The fiscal year of the Church shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

A.    The Superintendent of the Church School shall be elected annually, shall be a church member and shall be the chairman of the Christian Education Committee. The Superintendent will direct the program with the of the church school.